This perfectly cheesecaked cheesecake is SO simple and has no weird or complicated ingredients (except maybe possibly the agar agar powder, which might be a bit unfamiliar to some. I got it from an organic food shop, but a lot of Asian grocers stock it, too).I made the recipe up as I went so the first person to try it offers themself up as a sacrifice to the Kylierecipe gods.This is it youse guys – this is my most perfectest creation.Godspeed.DO WHAT I DID:(Ingredients in capitals)FIRST – Crust:Blitz 1 pack of HOBNOBS or DIGESTIVES biscuits with;6 tablespoons melted NUTTELEX margarine (approxish – I used 8 and it was too much so give 6 a try but if it doesn’t smoosh up good add one more) and 3 tablespoons of SUGAR.Press into a smallish cake pan where the bottom comes out or a normal cake pan lined with baking paper long enough that it comes up both sides so you can lift it out later. Press it so it comes up the sides about an inch.Put in freezer to cool.THEN – the guts:1. Soften a cup of CASHEWS, either by soaking overnight or by boiling for ten minutes, drain and set aside.2. In a medium saucepan, add 400ml of BONSOY soy milk (the milk you use MATTERS, use Bonsoy or I will hunt you down and be disappointed at you), a teaspoon of AGAR AGAR and 2/3 cup of SUGAR. Whisk and bring to boil. Then turn heat right down.3. Blitz the cashews until smooth. If they are too dry to blitz add some of the saucepan liquid.4. Once saucepan liquid has stopped bubbling and carrying on, add the cashew mix to the saucepan mix, then:5. Add 1/4 teaspoon APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, a big teaspoon of REAL VANILLA PASTE, the ZEST OF A WHOLE BIG LEMON, the JUICE OF A WHOLE BIG LEMON and a 255 gram packet of CREAM SHEESE (the Sheese matters, too).6. Whisk all that until smooth, pour on top of crust and refrigerate until set.OPTIONALLY:7. Put something on top that makes it even yummer like –


  1. Attempt 1 – true to recipe, delicious.
    Attempt 2 – use lotus biscuits for base, sub lemon for heaping tablespoons of cookie butter spread. AMAZING 🀀


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